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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-1989Labor Commissioner organised a Tournament in Borsad-
1966'Labour and Capital' in The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi: Encyclopedia of Gandhi’s ThoughtsPrabhu, R.K.; Rao, U.R.
Oct-1977Labour ChronicleMohan Das, S.R.; Muthuswamy, R.
1967Labour in Small Scale IndustryDatar, B.N.
2006Labour in the Indian Apparel Industry: Understanding the Impact of Government and International Trade Policies in Increasing the Vulnerability of Garment Workers.Rakhi Sehgal
1994Labour Institutions and Economic Development in India: Some Exploratory HypothesesKannan, K.P.
-Labour PolicyBharatiya Mazdoor Sangh
1968Labour PolicyThengadi, D.B.; Gokhle, G.S.; Mehta, M.P.
Jan-1992Labourisation of Industry Need of the HourRai, Baij Nath
May-1986Lakshya aur Kaarya [लक्ष्य और कार्य]Thengadi, Dattatreya Bapurav
1991Lal Jhanda: Bhartiya Mazdoor Varg Ka Vichardhaaraatmak Hathiyaar (लाल झण्डा: भारतीय मज़दूर वर्ग का विचारधारात्मक हथियार)Lal Jhanda
-Land Grabbing Movement in Durg District [दुर्ग जिला में भूमि कब्ज़ा आंदोलन]Durg Zilla Khet Mazdoor Union
30-Jun-1976Land Struggles in Gujarat-
13-Jun-1980Land Struggles in Rural DelhiDelhi Pradesh Grameen Shramjeevi Union; All India Agricultural Workers' Union
1977Land Struggles/Wage Struggles/Movements/Campaigns (1977-1980)Reddy, G. Yallamanda; Sriwastava, K.G.; Gour, Raj Bahadur; Bardhan, A.B.; Patil, P.P.; Dhume, B.S.; Joshi, B.D.; Kodiyan, P.K.
1967Law & order : Whose and for whom?Dange, Shripad Amrit
1952Leaflets of Indore Mazdoor Sabha [इंदौर मजदूर सभा के पत्रक]Shrivastava, Shivnarayan
-Legal Matters - Andhra Pradesh High Court and Madras High CourtAndhra Pradesh High Court and Madras High Court
18-Jul-1914The Legal Position for Indians in South Africa-
-Legal Protection for Women Construction WorkersAnjali; Geetha