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dc.contributor.authorRail Mantralaya [Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India]-
dc.description.abstractThis 10 page Hindi booklet is a rejoinder to the Loco Running Staff Association by the then Minister of Railways Lalit Narain Mishra. The booklet lists all assurances made to fulfil demands of the railwaymen following their three strikes in 1973. The demands concerned re-employment of staff who lost jobs, drop legal action, accept a 10-hour work schedule and so on. The booklet refers to the Qureshi committee set up following the strike by loco running staff to look into the implementation of the demands.en_US
dc.subjectMinistry of Railwaysen_US
dc.subjectConditions of Worken_US
dc.subjectimplementation of agreementen_US
dc.subjectTrade Unionsen_US
dc.subjectLabour Historyen_US
dc.titleRashtra Ki Prandhara Ki Raksha Karen (राष्ट्र की प्रंधारा की रक्षा करें)en_US
dc.disclaimer"All content hosted in this archive has been obtained with prior permission and approval from the institutions, organisations, and individuals who have either published/produced or held these materials as part of their collections. These materials are meant for educational, research and for non-commercial use only.”en_US
dc.description.hostArchives of Indian Labour [V.V. Giri National Labour Institute (VVGNLI) - Association of Indian Labour Historians (AILH)]
Appears in Collections:Fact Finding Mission of the ITF May 1974 General Strike (File No. AIRF/160-B Part-IV-a)

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