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Title: NCCRS Letters file
Authors: Mishra, J.N.
Bharadwaj, R. C.
Gupta, Priya
Fernandes, George
Krishnan, Parvati
Mukherjee, Samar
Gokhle, G.S.
Ved Mitter Vig
Keywords: Correspondence
Trade Unions
Railway Workers
Strike Notice
Trunk Message
Relief Fund
New Delhi
Issue Date: 1974
Publisher: AIRF
Abstract: over a hundred letters by individuals and from trade unions in the Indian Railways in the mid 1970s, many handwritten; some written to members of parliament and the Minister of Railways, to NCCRS and AIRF, and from AIRF dealing with loss of employment, conditions of temporary workers, planning of industrial action and the national convention of Railwaymen, post 1974 railway strike situation, facing disciplinary actions by Railway' management, harassment, transfer of workers, dealing with day to day trade union organisational matters, description and information on organisation of sit-ins, processions, meetings, 'Demands Week', putting up of posters, workers wearing badges; One letter is Marked 'Relief Fund Bulletin' giving details of contributions; letters with excerpts from News reports; another one makes mention of the 'Strike News Bulletin'
Appears in Collections:National Coordination Committee For Railwaymen's Struggle (NCCRS)

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