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dc.contributor.authorAll-India Trade Union Congress-
dc.description.abstractIncludes: proceedings. Speeches by the AITUC president, and appendices relating to labour on the railway; Seamen; Coal; Infant mortality; Housing; Truck act; Prompt payment of wages; Indian labour abroad. GENERAL SECRETARY’S REPORT: AITUC strength; Provincial committees and provincial secretaries; Delhi session of congress; Executive council meetings; Election; Circulars; Affiliated unions; Strikes and lockouts; Petroleum workers strike; Textile workers strike at Coimbatore; Mill worker strikes; Labour legislation; Indian Mines Act; Government resolution on International Labour Conference; Indian Penal Code; All-India Trade Union Bulletin; Indian Labour Journals; May Day celebrations; International labour conference; Indian fraternal delegates; Delegations from abroad; T. Mardy Jones, MP, tour of India on labour conditions; General labour conditions in India; AITUC financial position; Money from USSR. Speeches by A. A. Parcell, MP; J. Hallsworth; T Mardy Jones, MP; British delegations speeches. RESOLUTIONS: Royal commission on reforms; Miss Mayo’s “Mother India”; Political prisoners; Passport to Messrs. Saklatwala, Thengdi and Ghate; Protest against imperialism; Soviet anniversary; China; Anglo-Russian unity; Prosecution of P. Spratt; General labour demands; Unemployment; Workmen’s Compensation Act; Policy of protection and workers’ interests; Industrial Housing conditions; Legislation against imposition of fines; Amendment of Indian Factories Act; Seamen’s grievances; Textile workers grievances; Railwaymen’s grievances; Press workers’ grievances; Miners’ grievances; Cordite factory workers; Telegragh peons; Government Employees’ Unions; Council of actions; Delegation to International Labour Conference. Statement showing the affiliation fees received and due from affiliated unions. Statement of accounts. List of affiliated unions with their addresses. Constitution of the AITUC.en_US
dc.publisherAll-India Trade Union Congressen_US
dc.titleAll-India Trade Union Congress Report of the Eight Session 1927en_US
dc.description.hostArchives of Indian Labour [V.V. Giri National Labour Institute (VVGNLI) - Association of Indian Labour Historians (AILH)]-
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