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dc.contributor.authorAll-India Trade Union Congress-
dc.description.abstractIncludes: Appeal to all workers and trade unions for unity. Review of the 24th Session. Preparations and proceedings. AITUC presidential speech by V. Chakkarai Chettlar. Greetings to the session. REPORT OF THE GENERAL SECRETARY: Vigilance against warmongers; Economic condition; The struggles; Fight for living wage; Labour laws – Some gains and losses; Trade union rights and democratic liberties; Trade union unity; International solidarity – WFTU. Report on the organisation of the AITUC: Centre; State TUCs; International solidarity – WFTU. RESOLUTIONS on: Martyrs; Condolence resolutions; Affiliations; WFTU; Greetings to AUCCTU Congress; Thanks for hospital aid; Unemployment; Rationalisation and speed-up; Peace; Trade union rights and democratic liberties; Industrial relations; Social security; Discrimination in granting passports; French and Portuguese possessions in India; Contract labour; Industrial housing; Railwaymen’s demands; Cotton tetile industry and its workers; Jute industry and workers; Plantation industry; Handloom industry; Coal miners’ demands; Manganese; Petroleum workers; Silk industry workers; Railway colleries; Calcutta tramway workers; Motor transport workers; Bank employees’ movement; Insurance employees; Working women; Teachers; Multi-purpose construction project workers; Civil employees; Retrenchment of civil services employees; Defence industry workers; Cement workers; Motion picture employees; Electricity supply workers’ demands; Leather workers; Burnour workers; Kolar gold fields; Mica industry; Shellac industry; University and other educational institution workers; Hotel workers; Central PWD workers; Harbour and post trust workers; Beedi workers; Shop and commercial employees; Rickshaw workers; Coir industry; Goldsmiths; Tile and brick workers; Playwood and tea-chest workers; Building and road construction workers; Glass industry workers; Municipal workers; Cashew workers; Refugee rehabilitation; Neiveli-Lignite mining; Printing and dyeing industry; Agricultural workers; AITUC film; Amendments to the constitution; Working committee; Trade union press. Appendices: Office bearers, accounts, record of struggles and disputes.en_US
dc.publisherAll-India Trade Union Congressen_US
dc.title24th Session of the All-India Trade Union Congressen_US
dc.description.hostArchives of Indian Labour [V.V. Giri National Labour Institute (VVGNLI) - Association of Indian Labour Historians (AILH)]-
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