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Title: Working class and the emergency
Authors: N. K. Krishnan
Raj Bahadur Gour
T. N. Siddhanta
Issue Date: 1975
Publisher: Communist Party Publication
Abstract: Booklet of the 1975 AITUC Special Convention looks at the Emergency, highlights the AITUC’s conditional support for Indira Gandhi and the Congress party, attacks opposition to her rule and calls on the working class to launch a nationwide mass campaign to reject US imperialism and right reactionaries. Includes the chapters: Present Situation and Tasks (Resolution of the AlTUC Special Convention at Indore); Role of Public Sector and Working class Participation in Management (N. K. Krishnan); Trade-Union Unity: the Path and the Perspective (Raj Bahadur Gour); Emergency and the Trade Unions (T. N. Siddhanta).
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