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Title: Report: National seminar on N. M. Joshi and the trade union movement, Bombay, 10-12 April 1980
Authors: India. Central Board for Workers' Education
Issue Date: 1980
Publisher: Central Board for Workers Education at Indian Institute of Workers Education, Bombay
Abstract: Shri R. K. A. Subrahmanya (Chairman. CBWE and Additional Secretary to the Government of India. Ministry of Labour); Shri J. B. Patnaik (Union Labour Minister for Labour, Tourism, and Civil Aviation. Government of India); Speech by Shri V. B. Karnik (Contemporary of N. M. Joshi); Shri Naval H. Tata (President, EFI); Shri K. G. Srivastava (General Secretary, AITUC); Shanti Patel (General Secretary, HMS); D. S. Raj (Director, ILO Office for Bhutan, India, Nepal, Republic of Maldives and Sri Lanka); G. Ramanujam (General Secretary, INTUC). Sessions: Contribution of N. M. Joshi to Indian Trade Union Movement and Social Welfare (M. S. Gore, director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay); Trade Union Movement today (V. B. Karnik. Contemporary of N. M. Joshi); Towards Trade Union Unity (Shri A. B. Bardhan. Member of the General Council of AITUC); Trade Union Movement Tomorrow (Raja Kulkarni. President, National Federation 0f Petroleum Workers, Bombay). B. N. Datar (Director, Ambekar Institute of Labour Studies, Bombay); Justice C. S. Dharmadhikari (Bombay High Court); Thanks (V. B. Karnik). Annexures: Discussion Papers; Programme; Participants; Secretariat; brief biography of Late N. M. Joshi; N. M. Joshi on ‘Education‘.
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