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Title: Marxvad, Leninvad: Aur Hamari Aaj Ki Samasyana
Authors: Bardhan, Ardhendu Bhushan
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Communist Party of India
Abstract: Hindi langauge version of "Marxism - Leninism & Our current problems". The booklet aims to restate some of the communist parties’ fundamental ideological positions. The Trissur Conference and the last national council called for a renewed ideological campaign, especially as recent events had severely jolted the party, and thrown ideology into confusion and disorientation. It is reaffirmation of ideology that does not aim to be new, though certain recent or India-specific issues are also addressed including the effect of the Social and Technological Revolution (STR) on class struggle, the effect of new government policies, new manifestations of the imperialist offensive, the role of class and caste differentiation, their impact on each other. Chapters include: Marxism-Leninism (Only scientific theory of social transformation); Need of ideology: Unity of theory and practice; CPI’s commitment and goal; Renewal of Marxism-Leninism; Indian philosophical thought and Marxist philosophy; Dialectical materialism; Struggle against alien ideologies; Laws of motion of capitalism; Neo-liberalism (the new face of Imperialism); Imperialist offensive against developing countries; Doctrine of class struggles (New Dimensions); Has class struggle abated?; Class and caste; Struggle against casteism.
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