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Title: Khet Mazdoor Front Report - 9th Party Conference on 15-19 September, 1971 at Muktsar, Punjab
Keywords: Land Reforms
Agricultural Workers
Issue Date: 1971
Publisher: Bharatiya Khet Mazdoor Union
Abstract: The report deals with the work of the Party (CPI) in the agricultural labourers’ front over a period of time i.e. since the previous party conf. It claims that now a qualitative break had been achieved and the class had turned its face towards the class organizations - Khet Mazdoor Sabha and the Communist Party. The khet mazdoors participated in the various mass movements and morchas like that of 1972, 1973 etc. Punjab Khet Mazdoor Sabha had considerable increase in its membership. The Punjab movement stood second only to that of Andhra Pradesh. It was Punjab which held the first all India conference in 1968. The document describes the gains of the movement in the period. It gives details of land auction and distribution. It deals with land reforms. The discussions and decisions of the Rahon KMU conference are described, where a charter was adopted and later distributed widely. It deals with the question of the upward revision of the wages, land reform laws, evacuee land question, free house sites, memorandum to the Parliamentary Committee on Untouchability, Amritsar session of the organization (1973), memo on 5-year plan, khet mazdoor school and several other questions.
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