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There are disputes arising between 2015-2020. The Right to Information Act was sought to gather material from the labour office and relevant stakeholders. Gurgaon Shramik Kendra interviewed workers, activities, and trade unionists along with accessing conciliation officers’ records to gather case documents. Secondary material, mainly media reports, was also helpful in documenting disputes on factory accidents or complaints followed by large scale protests. There are case documents submitted as evidence in the proceedings containing workers’ employment documents, correspondence with the labour office, case proceedings and final awards. There are labour department documents including notifications, circulars, state policy documents on recent announcements pertaining to labour relations by the Haryana Government. The disputes are collectively included in the cumulative report which provides a history of the garment industry, existing labour legislation and welfare schemes. This information is followed by a detailed analysis of the modalities of negotiations and bargaining mechanisms deployed in each dispute.


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