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Title: 27th AITUC Session [Preparation, 1961-1966]
Issue Date: 1961
Abstract: Letter from Valjko Milatovic, Confederation of Trade Unions, Yugoslavia, accepting invitation of AITUC to the 27th Session. Pondicherry Textile Mills and Labour Union accepts invitation and sends 25 delegates to the 27th Session of AITUC. Letter from Confederation Generale Du Travail, Paris, France accepting invitation to the Session. Alath Factory Thozhilali Union, Commercial Employees' Association accepts invitation. Correspondence regarding logistics for the 27th Session of AITUC. Press Communique - "Some reports published in a section of the press saying that one section of the AITUC is demanding some sort of 'oath of loyalty' from another section", 30 April 1966. Letter from Ministry of Labour and Employment to the President, AITUC, on "Recommendations of the Committee on Labour Management Cooperation- Meeting held on 1 May, 1961", June 1961. Summary of the proceedings of the meeting between Government of India and trade unions on Labour-Management Cooperation, 1 May 1961.
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