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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Memorandum to the Expert Committee on Textile Industry: Set up by the Govt. Of IndiaAll-India Trade Union Congress
1971Modern Imperialism : An economic and statistical surveyAll-India Trade Union Congress
1972Monetary crisis and the WFTU : (Document on the Monetary Crisis prepared by the WFTU's Working Group and STATEMENT on International Economic, Commercial, Financial and Monetary problems. Adopted by the 22nd Session of the WFTU General Council - Bucharest, 1st-3rd November 1972)All-India Trade Union Congress
1976The National Apex Body Proceedings and conclusionsAll-India Trade Union Congress
1964On D. A., Index and Security of Employment: Documents relating to the 21st Session of the Standing Labour Committee (Delhi – 27 December 1963)All-India Trade Union Congress
-On Industrial Relations : AITUC replies to Govt. QuestionnaireAll-India Trade Union Congress
1957Papers for the Meeting of the Working Committee All-India Trade Union Congress, 30th, 31st August & 1st September 1957: New DelhiAll-India Trade Union Congress
2000Policies and Priorities for ActionAll-India Trade Union Congress
1969Problems of Industrial Relations in India : AITUC's memorandum to the National Commission on LabourAll-India Trade Union Congress
1959A question to trade unions : On ESI, PF and pension schemes: Report of the study group on social securityAll-India Trade Union Congress
1957Questions of wage policy & workAll-India Trade Union Congress
1980Recent wage agreements : Collection of major wage agreements in public and private sector industries and undertakingsAll-India Trade Union Congress
1953Report and ResolutionsAll-India Trade Union Congress
1942Report Nineteenth Session of The All-India Trade Union Congress. Cawnpore 1942All-India Trade Union Congress
1959Report of an Inquiry under Code of DisciplineAll-India Trade Union Congress
1954Report of The All-Hyderabad Trade Union Congress : Presented by Dr. Raj Bahudur Gour, M.P. to the Second Session of the AITUC (April 11-13, 1954.). Trade Union Publication Series No. 11All-India Trade Union Congress
1958Report of the study group on social security 1958All-India Trade Union Congress
1975The role of public sector in Asian development (Nagpur: 23-26 September 1975). Fourth Asian Trade Union SeminarAll-India Trade Union Congress
1959Seventeenth Tripartite : Official texts of Conclusions of the 17th Indian Labour Conference. Documents on Industrial Relations, Works Committees, etc. AITUC's Memorandum on Government's Labour PolicyAll-India Trade Union Congress
1977Social security & Effects of environment on the working and living conditions of workers (New Delhi: 30 November - 3 December 1977). Fifth Asian Trade Union SeminarAll-India Trade Union Congress