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Title: Plantation
Issue Date: 1959
Abstract: Issues pertaining to the Darjeeling Chia Kaman Mazdur Union (illegal resistance to legal trade unionism, general strike notice), Note on wage structure in the plantation addressed to the Union Minister for Labour by the Tamilnadu Plantation Workers' Union; Issue of Bonus Agreement for Tea Plantation workers in North-east India from multiple unions (INTUC, AITUC, HMS), Workers participation in management addressed to the Secy Zilla Cha Bagan Workers Union (PO Mal Duars), Jalpaiguri; Resolution on Charter of Demands at the 8th Conference of the Darjeeling District Chia Kaman Mazdur Union; Booklet titled 'You should know Some Facts About Tea' by the India Tea Planters' Association (1959); News clipping and Booklet etc.
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