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  • Unknown author (1957)
    Papers for the Meeting of the Working Committee, AITUC, Delhi, Aug- Sept 1957. AITUC Working Committee Meeting - documents, New Delhi, 10-11 April 1976. Working Committee Information Papers, New Delhi, 7 April 1977. Papers ...
  • Delegates 
    Unknown author (1957)
    Correspondence between AITUC Centre and various state and local level trade unions, regarding election of delegates and proposed Resolutions for the AITUC Conference, to be held in Ernakulam, Kerala, on 25-29 Dec 1957. ...
  • Unknown author (1953)
    General Secretary's Report and Information Materials, Calcutta 16-18 Oct 1987. Minutes of AITUC Working Committee Meeting, Delhi, 8-9 Aug 1959. Tea Plantation Enquiry, 1954 - A Summary of the Report. Plantation Trade ...
  • Unknown author (1970)
    Various bills paid by the AITUC Centre, related to printing of materials, books, documents, stationary etc.
  • Unknown author (1965)
    Details of fees received from various affiliated Unions of AITUC. These include fee details from Unions located in different states, such as West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Assam, Haryana, Gujarat, Kerala, ...

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